A vacancy of Research Associate for Community Energy Systems (CES) is available at Loughborough University, UK.

The post holder will work in close collaboration with me at the STEER Centre on exciting research projects focusing on the landscape of CES in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique and collaborating with other researchers to build on new opportunities and knowledge emerging from community energy and sustainable energy transitions.

Loughborough University is seeking to appoint a Research Associate for Community Energy Systems with a focus on resilience in the global South. The Research Associate will work across two projects (60/40 time split) – the Community Energy and Sustainable Energy Transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique (CESET) project and Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) programme. CESET explores how communities can support just energy transitions in East Africa, while MECS aims to rapidly accelerate the transition from biomass to clean cooking on a global scale.

Applicants should have experience of working and/or conducting research in the global South and understand the intersection between social and technical facets of the energy sector.

Closing deadline for applications: 4 September 2022.

Find further details here.