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Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

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I’m truly honored to have received an Engineering for Development Research Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering. I am looking forward to helping communities build decentralised, networked and resilient energy systems!

Read the press release announcing my fellowship here.

New report: Developing a research agenda for community energy resilience in the electricity sector

EEG Energy Insight cover photo/ Power lines.

I have a new paper in the Energy and Economic Growth (EEG) Energy Insight series. It introduces a new partnership between the EEG and the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN), to catalyse new research collaborations on community energy resilience in low-income countries, with a focus on opportunities in on-grid, mini-grid, and stand-alone electricity systems.

The six-month project is supported by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) Whole Systems Networking Fund and was launched on 1 June 2018 during a session at the LCEDN Annual Conference at Loughborough University, UK, on ‘Resilience Concepts for Energy’, summarised in this paper.

Read the full paper here.

New summer research student: Harry Jia

Harry JiaEd Brown and I are delighted to be supervising Harry Jia over the next 10 weeks. He is joining the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network as a Summer Research Student (funded through an EPSRC Vacation Research Bursary).

Read Harry’s introductory blog post here.

Talk at UKERC Annual Assembly

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I’m looking forward to speaking at the UK Energy Research Centre  (UKERC) Annual Assembly at the University of Sheffield on Thursday 12th July 2018. Join me at the Networking Fund session for an update on the Research Collaborations for Community Energy Resilience in Low-Income Countries project.

Learn more about the UKERC Whole Systems Network Fund which supports the project here.

LCEDN annual conference 2018: resilience sessions

I was delighted to launch the Research Collaborations for Community Energy Resilience project on 1 June 2018 with two conference sessions at the LCEDN Annual Conference held at Loughborough University, UK called ‘Under the Grid’ and ‘Resilience Concepts for Energy’. I gave a presentation about community energy resilience in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.

Read more about the conference here.

Talk at University of Oxford

I was very pleased to represent my Nature Energy paper on ‘Mapping synergies and trade-offs between energy and the Sustainable Development Goals’ at the Practical Challenges of Sustainable Electrification in Africa workshop at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, University of Oxford on 7th June 2018.

Read the full paper here.

LCEDN Briefing Paper Series Launch


LCEDN Briefing Paper 1 Lessons from Collective Action for the Local Governance of Mini-Grids for Pro-Poor Electricity Access CoverAs the Editor, I’m delighted to launch the LCEDN Briefing Paper Series with this piece on ‘Lessons from collective action for the local governance of mini-grids for pro-poor energy access’ by Lorenz Gollwitzer and Jon Cloke.

Download the Briefing Paper here.

New grant: UKERC Whole Systems Networking Fund

A grant from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) Whole Systems Networking Fund will enable me to build research collaborations for community energy resilience.

Read the full announcement here.

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