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It was great to speak about ‘What is the United Nations Framework for Resource Classification (UNFC) to Solar Energy?‘ as part of the Going Clean webinar series hosted by the UK Department for International Trade on 7th September 2021.

Clean energy is emerging as one of the key strategic industries of the 21st century, with global trade in solar and wind related products rivalling that of the trade in oil and gas. International trade in clean energy products and services represents a major opportunity for Global Britain to support partners across the world in tackling climate change.

Going Clean aims to bring clarity to how the clean energy sector is governed, looking at the structure of the markets, the intricacies of the supply chains, the geopolitics of trade, and the expert networks that drive deployment.

In this Going Clean event, I joined Department of International Trade Clean Energy Sector Specialist Dr Richard Hall to discuss the Specifications for the application United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) to Solar Energy and how it can lead to greater investment in solar energy.

Read more about the event here.