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Draft specifications for the application of UNFC to solar energy open for comment

As a member of the Solar Energy Sub-Group of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Expert Group on Resource Management, I am pleased to announce that the draft specifications for the application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) to solar energy is open for public comment.

The new Solar Specification will give financial institutions a standardised way to compare solar energy with other energy sources, paving the way for further investment as costs of solar energy technologies reduces. It will also help industry to accelerate the development of solar energy projects and help governments to manage their national resources sustainably. It will also help us to understand our energy resources on a global level.

The draft Solar Specification is open for comment until 30 August 2019 here.

New paper: Tactic Networks, Crucial Care

Urban Studies Cover

I’m excited that my new journal article on ‘Tacit networks, crucial care: Informal networks and disaster response in Nepal’s 2015 Gorkha earthquake’ has been published in Urban Studies as part of a special issue on ‘Transcending (in)formal urbanism’.

Read the article here.

New briefing paper: Is there still a role for small wind in rural electrification programmes?

LCEDN Briefing Paper 2 Is there still a role for small wind in rural electrification? The second paper in the Low Carbon Energy for Development Briefing Paper series is out! In it, Jon Leary, Alfred Alsop and I explore the continuing role for small wind in rural electrification programmes.

Read the full paper here.

New report: Developing a research agenda for community energy resilience in the electricity sector

EEG Energy Insight cover photo/ Power lines.

I have a new paper in the Energy and Economic Growth (EEG) Energy Insight series. It introduces a new partnership between the EEG and the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN), to catalyse new research collaborations on community energy resilience in low-income countries, with a focus on opportunities in on-grid, mini-grid, and stand-alone electricity systems.

The six-month project is supported by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) Whole Systems Networking Fund and was launched on 1 June 2018 during a session at the LCEDN Annual Conference at Loughborough University, UK, on ‘Resilience Concepts for Energy’, summarised in this paper.

Read the full paper here.

LCEDN Briefing Paper Series Launch


LCEDN Briefing Paper 1 Lessons from Collective Action for the Local Governance of Mini-Grids for Pro-Poor Electricity Access CoverAs the Editor, I’m delighted to launch the LCEDN Briefing Paper Series with this piece on ‘Lessons from collective action for the local governance of mini-grids for pro-poor energy access’ by Lorenz Gollwitzer and Jon Cloke.

Download the Briefing Paper here.

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